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18% - 20% tipping is customary for exceptional service and is greatly appreciated by your service provider. 18% gratuity is included in Spa Packages.

Gift Cards

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Pure Day Spa Gift Cards may be redeemed for services or products. We do not accept any other Gift Cards. Gift Cards may be purchased for any amount at our front desk or instantly here.

What To Wear

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Please dress comfortably. You will be asked to remove jewelry prior to Facials, Body Treatments, and Massage. For Waxing, Facials, Body Treatments, and Massage we suggest removing articles of clothing or undergarments. Some services may require additional exposure and will be discussed with you on an individual basis prior to the start of your treatment based on your comfort levels. Your comfort is our priority. [...]


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Please call 570-420-1818 to schedule your next visit. A valid credit card or pure day spa gift card is required to make an appointment. Please arrive on time or a few minutes early for your appointment. Late arrivals do not constitute for extended service time. We require 24-hour notice for changes or cancellations. 48-hours for groups of 4 or more. No show appointments or cancellations [...]