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As a regular waxing customer, you understand the basics of waxing do’s and don’ts. You wait a month between your waxing appointments and remember not to shave with a dull razor blade. But don’t you want to know a little more about waxing? What else should we know? Spa Week spoke to Caterina Marra-Vazquez from Tribeca Beauty to give you the five tips they thought every beauty consumer should know about waxing.

Fact #1: Age is a Factor

If you begin waxing at a young age, the hair in the regions you wax will grow back thinner. This will give you a less painful waxing experience as you age!

Fact #2: Pain Relief

Waxing can be particularly painful for some especially if you are having sensitive areas done. To ease the pain, you can take two Tylenol about an hour before you get waxed for an less intense experience.

Fact #3: Soft vs Hard Wax

In terms of waxing options, we wanted to know which is best. Soft or hard? What we learned is that each wax has its own use. Both types are soft upon application, however, soft wax is removed with strips of cloth. This method is best for larger areas  since it can be done quickly. Hard wax is applied as a liquid and hardens quickly. Once it is hardened, the therapist can remove the hair using the wax itself.  It is preferred for smaller, more sensitive areas as it causes less of a shock to that area.

Fact #4: Stay Out of the Sun

You may experience some redness and sensitivity after your waxing session. If so,  you can apply a little hydrocortisone  to soothe the irritated area. You should also ensure that the area is kept dry and out of the sun for 48 hours.

Fact #5: Nix the Strong Acids

Do not use any retinol or strong acids on your face before and directly after any lip, brow or any facial waxing appointments (you could literally take skin off)! If that happens, the skin takes months to heal from that kind of trauma.

Source: Spa Week