From selfies on the street to scrolling through the latest viral article, we are permanently starring at a screen.  But did you know that every time you talk, text and workout you are putting your skin at risk? Acne and skin irritants are just a couple of the negative side-effects from technology overuse. Read below, to hear how- to combat this matter.


Your keyboard, both at home and work, houses a variety of different types of bacteria. Your fingertips are naturally covered in oils, so every time you touch your keyboard and then your face you are putting bacteria causing oils onto your skin aka creating the perfect breeding ground for a new pimple to take up real-estate on your face.

Solution: Take a toothbrush soaked in rubbing alcohol to scrub tops and in between keys to clean the surface of your keyboard reducing the amount of bacteria available for your fingertips to pick up and affect your skin.

Cellphones/ Headphones

Cellphones carry more bacteria than a toilet seat (yikes), and if you don’t believe us just think about how filthy your screen and headphones were after your last workout.

Solution: “Keeping your cell phone clean is a must! Dirty phones can potentially make acne worse due to the presence of bacteria.  To lessen the healing time for breakouts, it is important that you wipe down your phone daily to avoid unnecessary bacteria from getting onto the skin. Take a wet wipe that does not contain alcohol or bleach (since they may damage your screen or the plastic) and wipe the phone thoroughly. Repeat daily or as necessary.”

Fitness Trackers

Yes, it is amazing that your fitness tracker can tell you your calories burned and ideal heart rate, but all that hard earned sweat can be causing irritation to your skin. Just like other devices, your favorite Fitbit is housing dirt and bacteria. With continuous use, the device will deposit bacteria on your skin and cause breakouts as well as other skin irritants like rashes, redness and dryness.

Solution: Never soak your band and avoid using dish and body soaps. Instead, use a gentle cleanser, rubbing alcohol and  a soft toothbrush to remove stains and product build-up like sunscreen. Always let it dry completely before next use.